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Per chi non potesse andare – o non avess trovato posto – al corso tenuto da Marc Almond alla Pilgrim, il due blog consiglia questo seminario:

Two hundred and fifty people who teach themselves and who teach their students as well as teaching their subject will be spending three days on Italy`s Adriatic shore at the end of August this year.

For an enrolment fee of a mere 80 euros you could be one of the two hundred and fifty participants, if you make your decision to go before June 30th.
To find out more click over to To talk to the conference organiser, Valeria Gallerani, email

The intimate atmosphere of this conference is something any past participants will tell you about, an atmosphere that makes you open up and allows you to come into the full flow of your own creativity.

It is not just that the 8 plenary sessions and the two day-long workshops that you choose are stimulating and mind-opening, which they are, but that the energy of the swirling Portonovo group brings out things in you you did not necessarily know were there.

This is a conference where you can experience your own awareness and energy differently.

Valeria has drawn together a powerful animating team of eight people from Pilgrims, Bell, Nile, and SIT Brattlboro Vermont who will fully interact with you in and out of class over the 4 days of the conference (August 28th to 31st).

You will be able to hear all of these people in plenary and you can sign up to do a full day`s workshop with two of them. In my view, it is these full day workshops that give the Portonovo conference its depth and seriousness.

This is not one of those `hello-goodbye` conferences we have all been to….where you hop from presentation to dazing presentation in breathless, 45 minute succession.

Here is Valeria`s animation team:
Penelope Williams, Pilgrims, Young Learners
Izabella Hearn, SEAL, Spain, Young Learners
Susan Norman, SEAL, UK, Visionary Teaching
Donald Freeman, SIT, Vermont, US, Teacher Development
Mark Almond, Canterbury Christchurch College and Pilgrims, UK, Drama
Stephanie Dimond-Bayir, Bell, UK, Literature
Keith Kelly, Nile, UK, CLIL
Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims and Helbling, UK Culture

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